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Dome Home Feasibility Studies

Dome Homes Feasibility

The Dome Home Feasibility Study is the first step in creating your new home.  It is putting your thoughts and dreams into reality with an end results that you can have confidence in.  With the information that you provide such as sketches, site plans, and word descriptions of room/space layout, a custom draft for your home will be developed and sent to you by email  for evaluation.  This draft will include:

  • A dome home floor plan with dimensions
  • An exterior elevation
  • A dome home profile 
  • Door/window information

Your feedback and revisions would then be applied to complete the home of your dreams  Cost estimates are available at any time for the dome structure.  Once your home is just as you would like it to be we will complete your project with Construction Drawings and engineering estimates.

Cost of a feasibility will vary per project.  The feasibility cost is then subtracted from the cost of the construction drawings.